The S15 – SC is an updated version of one of the most emblematic models of SEMAVENCA, the S15 controller, whose performance, robustness and adaptability have earned it the preference of costumers nationwide for over 8 years, with hundreds of units sold and installed throughout the national territory.

Among the improvements included for this version are the increase of processing speed, data storage capacity, and the integration  of a GPS module that allows the auto – synchronization of consecutive road intersections without the need for communication between controllers.

The equipment is built in a modular way. The layout and configuration of the output switches radically changes allowing the size and weight of the equipment to be reduced, additionally the structure wiring is eliminated providing a cleaner finish and eliminating any possibility of welding or cable rupture failures.

It meets with the requirements of the COVENIN 2753 – 1999 standard and most of the NEMA TS2.


  • 6 – phase management configurable as vehicular phase and pedestrian phase.
  • Configuration of the phases output sequence.
  • Optional connection of two detectors per phase, configurable as vehicular, pedestrian or omission of the pedestrian or vehicular phase.
  • Synchronization via GPS module.
  • Intermittent output fully configurable per phase, with yellow or red blinking.
  • High – speed serial port for control programming or for interconnection to centralized systems with simple data transfer protocol.
  • 16 configurable work plans, each of 8 intervals.
  • 16 plans for holidays or special days.
  • Configuration of 9 cycles of work including cycle 0 or programmed flashing.
  • 16x2 characters LCD display with backlight.
  • Optimized 4 – key keyboard.
  • Solid state output switches, with zero crossing load activation increasing the life of luminaires.


  • AC power supply from 90 V to 130 V.
  • Working frequency 54 – 64 Hz.
  • 6 programmable working phases for vehicular and pedestrian movements.
  • 2 overlapping phases.
  • 18 output circuits with variable working sequence.
  • Time base with accuracy of 100 msec +/- 1 msec.
  • Green time intervals, pedestrian crossing and pedestrian clearance configurable from 0 to 255 seconds.
  • Yellow range configurable from 0 to 9 seconds.
  • Intermittent frequency of 1 Hz.
  • Configurable serial port to work on RS232 o RS485 protocol.
  • Satellite synchronization via GPS module.
  • Input and output impedance according to NEMA standard.
  • Opto – coupled and zero – crossing load switching for luminaires.
  • Dimensions: 0.66 x 0.42 x 0.36 m (with cabinet included).
  • Weight: 50kg (with cabinet included).
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