The S16 it `s an ultimate generation traffic controller suited to international standards, designed to operate in complex road intersections optimizing the vehicular and pedestrian traffic management. It works on isolated mode, coordinated, or connected to a centralized system of traffic light that complies with the NCTIP  standards. It counts with diverse programming modalities, it can be programmed using the LCD screen and keyboard placed on the front panel, using the USB port to load data using a digital device, remotely through a centralized system or simple using a WI – FI device located in the adjacencies of the control unit.

The incorporation of a GPS module allows the self – synchronization of consecutive road intersections with no need of communication between the controllers. An other innovation is the compatibility with video cameras for detection and counting , allowing a study of the flow of vehicles in real – time to make decisions opportunely or store data of interest. The security functions allow to identify hardware faults, luminaire faults, and provide protection against conflicting greens.

La incorporación  de  un módulo  GPS  permite la auto-sincronización de  intersecciones viales consecutivas sin necesidad de comunicación entre los controladores. Otra innovación es la compatibilidad con cámaras de video para detección y conteo vehicular, permitiendo realizar un estudio del flujo vehicular en tiempo real para tomar decisiones oportunamente o almacenar datos de interés. Sus   funciones de seguridad le permiten identificar fallas de hardware, fallas en las luminarias,  y suministran protección  contra  verdes  conflictivos. 


  • 8 – phase management, programmable on any output switch, configurable as vehicle phase or pedestrian phase.
  • Order of execution of configurable phases. It has two rings allow to control two near intersections with a single equipment.
  • Overlapping for 4 phases, allows to perform the overlap between two phases of each ring of execution.
  • Multiple detectors, each phase has an input for a detector, configurable as a vehicular or pedestrian, for extension or omission of the phase.
  • Configurable Intermittent Outputs per phase, allowing all luminaires off, yellow or red flashing.
  • 100 configurable work plans, each of 16 intervals.
  • 100 configurable work cycles, including cycle (00) or forced intermittent cycle. Each work cycle consists of 8 phases, handling the time intervals of green, yellow, red clearance , and red in case of vehicular or pedestrian passage phase, includes pedestrian clearance for pedestrian phases.
  • LCD display of 16 characters per 4 lines with backlight.
  • GPS of 16 channels and 1 Hz update frequency.
  • Temperature control.
  • High speed serial port for control programming or for interconnection of centralized systems with simple data transfer protocol.
  • Solid state output switches, with zero cross load activation that increases the life of the luminaires.


  • AC power supply from 90 V to 135 V.
  • Working frequency 54 – 64 Hz.
  • 24 output circuits.
  • Time base with accuracy of 100 msec +/- 1 msec.
  • Time intervals from 0 to 255 seconds.
  • Intermittent frequency of 1 Hz.
  • Serial port RS232 that allows its integration into a network of traffic lights of a centralized system (protocol NTCIP 1202).
  • 4 USB ports for connecting different digital devices.
  • Connection via USB of an HD video camera for detection and vehicular counting.
  • 1 Ethernet port.
  • Self – synchronization capability.
  • Input and output impedance according to NEMA standard.
  • Switching of opto – coupled and zero – crossing for luminaires.
  • Dimensions: 0.72 x 0.49 x 0.38 m (with cabinet included).
  • Weight: 65 Kg (with cabinet included).
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