The S15 is a 6 phase traffic controller, based on wide scale integration circuit, designed to meet vehicular and pedestrian traffic control needs. The equipment is built in a modular way facilitating repairs and upgrades. It can work in isolation, synchronized with other traffic controllers via GPS or connected to a centralized system.

It complies with the COVENIN Standard 2753-1999 and NEMA TS2. It`s adaptable to most of the vehicular intersections. Its simplicity, robustness and adaptability has made it worthy of the preference of our clients throughout the national territory during he last decade.


  • 6 phase controller, 2 selectables as overlapping.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian configurable phases.
  • Configuration of the phase output secuence.
  • Two optional detectors per phase, configurable as vehicular, pedestrian or omission of the pedestrian or vehicular phase.
  • Synchronization via GPS.
  • Interminttent output fully configurable per phase.
  • High speed serial port for interfacing to centralized systems with simple data transfer protocol.
  • 16 configurable work plans, each one of 8 intervals.
  • 16 configurable plans for holidays or special days.
  • 9 work cycles including the programmed flashing cycle (00).
  • 16x2 LCD screen with backlight.
  • Optimized 4- key keyboard.
  • Real time clock with lithium battery backup with 9 years duration.
  • Solid state output switches, with zero crossing load activation increasing the life of luminaires.
  • Powerfull switched power supply.


  • AC power supply voltage from 90 V to 135 V.
  • 54 – 64 Hz working frequency.
  • 18 output circuits.
  • Time base accurate to 100 msec ± 1 msec.
  • Green time intervals, pedestrian crossing and pedestrian clearance configurable from 0 to 255 seconds.
  • Yellow range configurable from 0 to 9 seconds.
  • 1 Hz flashing frequency.
  • Configurable serial port to work on RS232 o RS485 protocol.
  • Ability to synchronize with controller network through GPS system.
  • Input and Output impedance to luminaires according to NEMA standard.
  • Opto – couple and zero crossing load switching for luminaires.
  • Dimensions: 0.70 x 0.45 x 0.38 m (with cabinet included).
  • Weight: 55kg (with cabinet included).
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